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The Docherty Family
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The American East Coast branch of the family has roots in New York, California and a U.S. Air Force base in England. We now live in a small Connecticut town in Fairfield County, about an hour north of New York City.

Our immediate family is spread across the western U.S.: California, Nevada and Colorado.

Just browsing through the site will give you some idea about what we love most in life: family, sports, travel, photography, collecting...

We've decided to completely rework our individual pages, so they'll be a bit delayed. Until then, we hope you have an opportunity to register in the Forum, stop by from time to time, and say hi.
New York flag Jim and the family have opened a brand new business in Connecticut, and will open a new site for it soon!
England flag Tricia returned to newspaper ad sales a few years ago, and now handles the national business for a local paper.
California flag Casey is in college now and doing exceptionally well. Involved in projects and student government.