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This site was launched in August of 1999. Since that date, has become one of the largest personal family sites on the Web. Our original purpose was to provide an easy way to share photographs and other information with family members living in other parts of the United States. Over time...and with lots of requests from friends who came upon the site by accident...the project grew into what you find here.


We have included channels on the town in which we live, our hobbies, travels, favorite sports teams and yes, lots about our family near and far. On the face of it, the site is not unlike many personal family Web pages...our family and the things we enjoy. But as it grew, the Web site became a hobby itself. Content was updated daily, graphics were designed, original code was added. In short, we wanted the site to evolve into a place where anyone with similar interests could feel comfortable. Pre-designed templates were never used...all design features are original.


In April, 2001 we added a program, the Red Stag Awards, to honor other sites that stand above the fray and contribute to the asthetic and functional improvement of the Web. This program is now retired.

The underlying architecture was created with Dreamweaver MX and Dreamweaver MX 2004. Most of the static graphics were created with Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and 7.0 and Illustrator 8.0. Photo pages were created with Fireworks MX.The photography was taken with a Canon EOS D60 digital camera and a Sony MVC-FD91 Digital Mavica. Photos taken after December 2002 were created with the D60.We've made every effort to ensure that pages load exceptionally fast, including all images. As such, most images are limited to under 10k in size (optimized with Adobe software) and most photos are optimized at 800x600 or smaller.The site has been designed in tables and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with an eye toward eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling. While the site has been optimized for a screen resolution of 800x600, viewing the site at 1024x768 looks best and 640x480 is painless. All pages have been validated W3C compliant, but most look awful when viewed with Netscape 4.0...find a better browser!


We're happy to be hosted by on an Apache Unix server. After an extensive review of the major services, we found this company to be the absolute best: 99.9% uptime guaranteed, terrific customer service, low cost and very fast.


The site consistently ranks in the Top 5 on all major search engines when searching for "Docherty" and also ranks very high when searching for specific interests found on the site.


  • Founded: 8-20-99
  • Last Redesign: 10-18-03
  • Total Files: 17,407
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