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Rustic Acres
Wilton, CT

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In 1998, we moved from our location near Wilton High School to the home we're in now. Our house was originally built in 1920 as a side-hall colonial, and is now centered on 7.22 acres. The previous owners extensively expanded and remodeled in the late 80's/early 90's. We're the fourth owners.

The history of the house makes it was first built and owned by a family member of one of the Gimbel brothers, owners of the famous department store featured in Miracle On 34th Street. It originally served as his country house, screened around the entire perimeter. During Prohibition, the house was converted into Wilton's speakeasy! In fact, while the floors have all been reworked, you can still see where an "escape hatch" once served the patrons from what is now the living room into the basement.

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Rustic Acres
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foyer foyer to game room foyer to sauna galleria
galleria dining room dining room sunroom
kitchen kitchen kitchen kitchen
kitchen half-bath kitchen hall sewing room sewing room
living room living room living room living room
hallway guest room guest bath rear stairs
bedroom master bedroom master bedroom master bedroom
master bath master bath office / dressing room office / dressing room
office au pair kitchen rear quarter sunroom exterior
rear view upper yard upper yard dogwoods
lower meadow lower yard wooded path driveway island