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This is the Docherty Family Coat of Arms. Each individual element holds a specific meaning, including colors, symbols and shape. The herald is actually two-part: the timber (everything above the shield) and the coat of arms. Each of the elements are described to the right
Docherty Family Coat of Arms
Docherty Family Coat of Arms with Green mantling
This is a variation with darker green ordinary and green mantling.
crest mantling The mantling is not a part of the official blazon (nor is the shape of the shield.) It is considered to represent the lambrequin (covering of the helmet) to protect it from the sun or rain. Individual colors may be specified as may be a preference for the helm (helmet.) The helmet type represented here is "chevalier." The wreath above the helmet is a twisted band of silver lace and silk, by which the crest is joined to the helmet. The crest, above the wreath is a sword-bearing hand representing the Docherty Family's participation in the Crusades.
bar and mullets The green (vert) bar is the uppermost portion of the shield's ordinary and represents "chief". Its color represents hope, joy and loyalty in love. The argent mullets represent nobility.
red stag The rampant stag represents "one who will not fight unless provoked", peace and harmony. Its red tincture represents the family status as warriors and its military strength and magnanimity.
scroll The scroll across the bottom of the coat of arms contains the family motto in ancient Gaelic: Ár nDútcas (Ár nDúthchas) - "Our Heritage".
Achievement: Argent stag springing gules; above it on a chief vert, three mullets of the first. Crest: A hand coupled at the wrist erect grasping a sword, all proper. Motto: Ár nDútcas