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Do we love sports? Let's the Winter, you can usually find us every weekend in some ice rink watching Casey play or just skating as a family. If we make it home in time, we're either at the Garden or parked in front of the tube watching the NY Rangers play, or anyone else for that matter.

Spring means in baseball. Our beloved Yankees are on the road to another championship season, and we follow 'em from Day One. But hockey's not over yet...the Stanley Cup is just around the corner! And when there's no hockey or baseball on TV, there's usually a lacrosse match somewhere.

Whew! Summer's here and the Yankees are in full stride. If we're not in the Bronx at a game...we're watching one with the volume off and John Sterling on the radio...EVERY one.

Just as the Yankees are winning the World Series, College football kicks in...and it's time to follow our Trojans.

And then there's hockey... Yeah, we love sports...except, of course when it's broadcast on Fox!

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