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The Incorporation Of The
Town of Wilton

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Incorporation of Wilton
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The Town of Wilton celebrated its bicentennial in 2002. Although the town was settled in 1640, Wilton didn't become independent from Norwalk until 1802. The articles of incorporation, as approved by the Connecticut Legislature that year, follow:
May 13, 1802

At a General Assembly of the State of Connecticut in America, Holden at Hartford in said state, on the Second Thursday of May, being the 13th day of said month, in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Two.

Upon the Petition of Matthew Marvin and the rest of the Inhabitants of the Society of Wilton in the Town of Norwalk and the Inhabitants of that part of the Society of Norfield which is within said Town shewing (sic) that the Town of Norwalk is so large that it is very inconvenient for them to attend the Public Meetings or manage its concerns with economy: that their List and their numbers are sufficient for two respectable Towns and that a Division would leave each part in a Compact form, and praying to be incorporated into a Town with the Privileges usually granted, as by their Petition on file at large appears. The Town of Norwalk having been Notified, appeared by the Agents and their Parties were fully heard, and the facts in said Petition stated being proved.

RESOLVED BY THE ASSEMBLY that the Inhabitants within the limits hereafter mentioned by And they hereby are incorporated into a Town and made a Body Politic by the name of Wilton, and they and their successors Inhabitants of said Territory shall ever be and remain a Town corporate with the privileges and immunities, appurtaining (sic) or belonging to the other Towns in this State by virtue of their respective Incorporations, except that said Town of Wilton shall be entitled to elect and send on Representative only to the General Assembly untill (sic) by law it shall be entitled to two, and that the boundaries and Limits of said Town of Wilton be and the same are hereby established in pursuance of the agreement of the Parties interested as follows (Viz) the Southern boundary of said Town shall be a line to be run from the Monuments heretofore erected on the South West and South east corners of said Society of Wilton in such place and manner from one of those Monuments to the other, as the Selectmen of said Towns of Norwalk and Wilton shall by their agreement establish and in case of disagreement between said Selectmen then in such place and manner as Joseph Silliman Esqr. of New Canaan, Seth Samuel Smith Esqr. of Redding and Samuel B. Sherwood Esqr. of West or any two of them shall designate which agreement or designation shall be reported to this assembly at their sessions in October next, thence from the said S.E. corner N22:30" W 6 Miles and 29 chains to the N.E. Monument dividing the Towns of Redding, Ridgefield and Norwalk, thence W22:30" S3 Miles and 70 Chains, to the N.W. Monument, thence S24:30 E 2 Miles, thence W 22" S 12 Chains, thence bounded on the Town of New Canaan to the first mentioned Monument at the S.W. corner of Wilton Society.

And Town of Wilton shall take and maintain such part of the Town Poor, and pay such part of the now existing Debts of said Town of Norwalk as will be in proportion to the amount of the Grand List of said Town of Wilton and the Grand List of the remaining part of said Town of Norwalk as the same were made up for the year 1801, and the Collectors of all State and Town taxes, heretofore granted shall have power to proceed to the collection thereof as though this Resolve had not passed.

And the said Town of Wilton shall hold their first Meeting at the Meeting house in the Society of Wilton on the third Monday of June next and at Said meeting may proceed to chuse (sic) for the Current Year a Town Clerk, Selectman, Listers, Constables and other Officers by Law established, which Meeting shall be warned by a Warrant signed by Matthew Mead of said Wilton Esqr., a Justice of the Peace for the County of Fairfield and posted on the Sign Post in said Society at least five days before said Meeting, and the said Matthew Mead Esqr. shall be the Moderator of said Meeting and in case of his absence or Decease Matthew Mead Esqr. is hereby Impowered (sic) to issue said Warrant and to preside as Moderator at said Meeting. And said Town of Wilton is hereby annexed to the County of Fairfield.

A true copy of Record
examined by
Samuel Wyllys, Secretary