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Folks who live in the Tri-State area are passionate about sports and our teams. The one thing you won't find is a shortage of opinion! These are our favorite teams.

We just added the Bridgeport Sound Tigers to the mix -- a very difficult thing because of their association with the NY Islanders. But the people who work for the team are good eggs and have worn us down.

The Yanks have a new stadium...and now is the time to add its first championship!
It's that glorious time of the year again! Lot's of new faces in Pinstripes and yet another shot at #27. Nice to see A-Rod on his way back soon! We like Berroa...but we need more.
NY Rangers Very disappointing ending to a great season. This is the best the Rangers have looked in many years after a miserable run with aging superstars and loafers...but not enough.
NY Giants The Gints looking to repeat greatness. Not entirely sure about our Draft additions, but overall looking strong again!
New York Yankees
2009 Regular Season: 13-11
New York Rangers
2008-09 Season: 43-30-9
New York Giants
2008 Season: 12-4
New York Knicks
2008-09 Season: 32-50 (!!!)
Hartford Wolf Pack
2008-09 Season: 46-27-3
Bridgeport Sound Tigers
2008-09 Season: 49-23-3
RANT: on Fox Sports...they're absolutely the worst. Between the dopey combination of Joe "I'll Never Be My Dad" Buck and Tim "The Dye Job" McCarver for baseball coverage, and their laughably terrible coverage of NHL games (try to keep at least ONE camera on the puck), this network needs a few pros to make it right ...or just stick to those silly reality shows.