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Mavica MVC FD-91

Sony Corp. of America
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Sony Mavica MVC FD-91
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Many of the pictures on our site were taken with this Sony Digital Mavica (before December 2002.) The camera's great...14X optical zoom, floppy disk storage, image stabilization. Resolution is fairly limited (1024x768), but ideal for creating fairly clear, small files for use on the web.

One of the most unusual features of the camera is its ability to create short MPEG movies. Two resolutions are available: 320x240 (about 15 seconds on a single floppy) and 160x112 (about 60 seconds.)

Another great feature is the InfoLithium Battery which accurately reports to the camera the remaining time of its charge (seen in the LCD.) I use two different versions: NP-F330 (about 1 hour) and the NP-F550 (about 2 hours...or nearly 1500 consecutive non-flash shots!)


Sony EOS D60 Page
front view

front view with flash

rear view