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Video and computer game are great...but there's nothing like the look, sound and feel of a pinball machine. They've been around since the turn of the century in different forms.

Today's machines are extraordinary electronic marvels, mixing computers with traditional tables. Of course, we pay for the added gizmos...but worth every play!

We have a small collection that includes a woodrail machine from the fifties and some contemporary models that feature some amazing animation.If you're like us, you probably don't stop at pinball. All coin operated machines are fascinating. I'm not sure whether it's the mechanics or a link to the past. In any case, they all hold a particular beauty.

The navigation bar to the left will take you to individual machines in the collection.
pinball Unfortunately, most of the great pinball machine makers have disappeared, killed off by video games. Luckily, many of their machines have survived.
antique slot The slot machine in our game room, built during prohibition, may have served the patrons of a speakeasy early in its life. It has been completely restored.
coin-op The coin-operated machines in our collection are a mixed bag: gumball machines, stamp and ball-point pen vendors, and even an old parking meter.
pachislo Pachislo machines can be found throughout Japan and have become popular collectors items. The games are high quality and rather inexpensive.
Derby Day lower playfield
This is a shot of the lower playfield of our 1956 Derby Day. It's a "woodrail" machine, so named because of the frame that encloses the table glass. Designers were aware that the wood could be damaged by cigarettes left unattended on the rails, so they added small holders on which the cigarettes could rest during play.
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