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Congratulations for being chosen as a winner of Circus World's award. You have done an outstanding job creating your website Therefore it is with great pleasure to present to your website, The Docherty Family, Circus World's Bronze Award. Thank you for submitting to my awards program. The Docherty Family website certainly fits all that I look for.

[Awarded 3-17-01]
Circus World Bronze
Congratulations!!......Your site definitely qualifies for the "Critical Mass Award". A very nice site, excellent design, beautiful original graphics, great photos, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy tribute and a positive contribution to the Web. Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again when time permits :)

[Awarded 3-17-01] Program Retired
Critical Mass Award
It is my great pleasure to award your site the CCA's Bronze award for your outstanding contribution to the web. The CCA award is rated 4.0 from Award Sites and 3 Stars from Paris Excellence. You can be proud of your excellent work here! We were to evaluate it.

[Awarded 4-1-01] Program Retired
Critics Choice Bronze
We have completed our site review and are very pleased to award your site the Casey's Celtic Charm Excellent Site Award. We thoroughly enjoyed reading all the great content. Terrific navigation, very nice design and layout. Your site presents an example for which we should all try to aspire.

[Awarded 4-7-01]
Casey's Celtic Charm
Great web site! I really enjoyed it and some of the sections were really interesting. Wish you best of luck.

[Awarded 3-31-01]
CyberiaPC Award
Congratulations you have won a Cherry-Tree gold award. Your site is well designed and was a pleasure to visit.

[Awarded 4-1-01] Program Retired
Cherry Tree Gold Award
Congratulations, your site received (12) points qualifying it for the DRH Design Merit for 2001.

[Awarded 5-26-01]
DRH Merit 2001
Hi Jim Docherty! Your site, The Docherty Family has recently been reviewed by Doras and given a 3 shamrock rating. Content, functionality, style and innovation are among the criteria we have considered in our assessment of the site. Wishing you continued success with your site.

[Awarded 5-21-01]
3 Doras
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to your web site, and we are pleased to present you with the Eye-Dentity 3 Star Award because of what we found there! This coveted award is only given to sites which excel not only in user-friendly design but also in depth of content. Your site has exceeded all of our expectations in these areas. We were particularly impressed with the loading speed and clean layout - very impressive. Additionally, we applaud the time and effort that you have obviously put into crafting your site. We are positive that your family will thank you for it! Congratulations once again. We wish you every success with your excellent site. Best wishes to you and each member of the Docherty family.

[Awarded 3-30-01] Program Retired
Eye-Dentity 3-Stars
Thanks for applying for our award. Your site is great and you have won!

[Awarded 3-23-01]
Family Site Award