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"Police Force"
Rules Sheet, Preliminary v 1.1
By Jim Seward


"Police Force" © 1988 Williams Manufacturing, Inc.

Starting from the plunger and working counter-clockwise...

PLUNGER - Of the manual variety.

HANDCUFF KICKOUT - Awards an incremental Handcuff Score when lit, or
10K*ball number if skill shot ends up here.

SPINNING TARGET - This is used for the Skill Shot. Values of skill shot
change depending on number of times target is spun.

DIAMOND WEASEL DROP TARGETS - Put Weasel in jail when all targets are
dropped. One of four crooks to be caught to lite jackpot.

SKILL SHOT KICKOUT - Hidden underneath Skill Shot value display. Holds
ball until Skill Shot value is determined.

RIGHT RAMP - Has many functions, including locking balls, spotting P-O-L-I-C-E
letters, awarding Jackpots, and doubling scores. A diverter at the top of the
ramp sends the ball either to the locking area or to the left inlane.

G-U-N - When all three of these lanes are lit, bonus multiplier advances
by one. Lit lane changes to the left with the left flipper, and to the
right with the right flipper.

POP BUMPERS - Standard variety in the standard triangle. Directly below
G-U-N lanes.

EXTRA BALL/TOP COP TARGET - Up and left of the G-U-N lanes. Scores the
Extra Ball when lit or the TOP COP bonus when lit (explained later).

CROC KICKOUT - Puts Croc in jail if he's not already there. Also scores
a random "Hot Sheet" value displayed just below the scores on the backglass.

POLICE CAR GIZMO - Balls are locked underneath the car. When
Multi-Ball(tm) begins, the car moves down and sends the balls to the left

LOAN SHARK TARGETS - When all three of these are hit, the Shark goes to jail.

extra ball if it is lit on that particular lane (this EB is only lit on
the last ball when the game feels sorry for you.)


MIDDLE RAMP - Scores the value indicated underneath it, from 5K to
Unlimited Millions. When UM is reached, EB is lit at the Top Cop target.

DRUG RAT DROP TARGETS - Put Drug Rat in jail when all three are down.


SKILL SHOT - Scores 10K, 25K, 50K, 75K+Spot P-O-L-I-C-E Letter, and 100K,
depending on the number of spins of the spinner. This is multiplied by
the ball number (extra balls inclusive). If the spinner is broken or the
ball doesn't reach the spinner, the player is awarded 10KxBall No.

HOT SHEET - Scores one of five values when lit at the Croc kickout: Hot
Score (mystery), Hot Extra Ball, 5 Free Games, Spot P-O-L-I-C-E, and Hot
Multi-Ball(tm). Note: Hot Multi-Ball(tm) is only awarded if one ball is
already locked. Obviously, the 5 Free Games comes up the least.

JACKPOT - Contrary to many current games, Jackpot can be collected
without Multi-Ball(tm). To lite the Jackpot on the right ramp, all four
criminals must be put in jail (Croc, Shark, Rat, and Weasel). Criminals
in jail are indicated in the upper left part of the playfield above the
Croc Kickout. When all four are incarcerated, Jackpot is lit and is
collected by one shot up the right ramp. Value ranges from a minimum of
1,000,000 to a maximum of 4,000,000 and is increased for a period of time
after G-U-N is spelled (See Bonus Multiplier)

MULTI-BALL - To lock balls for Multi-Ball(tm), shoot the right ramp.
Locked balls are indicated by the green lights at the bottom of the ramp
(a solid "Lock n" indicates that ball is locked, a blinking "Lock n"
indicates that that ball is next to be locked). Usually, lock is ready
at the start of the game. On subsequent Multi-Balls(tm), a criminal must
be put in jail before lock will be lit (Operator-adjustable). If lock is
not lit, then a P-O-L-I-C-E letter will be spotted. During
Multi-Ball(tm), which BTW is 2-Ball, all playfield values are doubled.
That's all.

P-O-L-I-C-E - Letters are spotted by shooting the right ramp when lock is
not lit, with a 75K Skill Shot, or from the Hot Sheet. Spotting all 6
letters lites the TOP COP BONUS (Collected at the top of the playfield in a
half-orbit shot) for 3,000,000. TOP COP stays lit until collected or the end
of the current ball, whichever comes first.

BONUS MULTIPLIER - Bonus is multiplied by lighting all three G-U-N lanes
(lit lanes change with flippers). When the multiplier increases, the
jackpot is increased by all targets for a period of time. End of ball
bonus is then multiplied by whatever the multiplier is up to. On most
games, the multiplier is carried over to subsequent balls if it is 2X or
3X. If the multiplier is above 3X, then it is reset to 1X on the next
ball. Special is lit when the multiplier is max-ed out (6X).

MIDDLE RAMP - A virtual gold-mine of scoring opportunity. This is where
you can score most of your points if you can master the shot. On most
games, the value is already up to 50K for the first shot. Subsequent
shots score 75K, 100K, 150K, and Unlimited Millions. When the shot is
made, the next shot must be made without hitting any targets to collect
the next value, and it must be done within a short time. (This is
somewhat different during Multi-Ball(tm) - hitting targets has no effect)
When Unlimited Millions is reached, Extra Ball is lit at the Top Cop
target when the ramp shot is missed. Also, the ramp value drops to it's
minimum value (5K) and will increase to 10K, 25K, and then the values
listed above.

Other minor ones would include the jet bumpers, the slingshots, and all